Lawyers in Vilnius,Lithuania


Lawyers practice areas

We are dynamic and very perspective attorneys/lawyers in Vilnius, Lithuania. We provide high-level legal services to Lithuanian and international clients. Our lawyers in Vilnius, Lithuania follows very carefully all tendencies of the development of our profession in Europe.

Our practice might be divided into three main areas:

 1. Representation of clients in court

 Lawyers from law firm represents legal persons in court of general jurisdiction on disputes, which arise from implementation of business activities. Our company offer quality legal assistance in both pre-trial settlement and in court.

Lawyers conduct a full analysis of the presented disputes, propose ways of resolution and take into account the possible risks. Our attorneys will develop a strategy for handling cases in court and will implement the planned scheme to achieve the desired and satisfactory results in the most rational way.

 Our lawyers in Vilnius, Lithuania provide the following services when representing in court:

  • Analysis of client documents and advice on possible solutions for disputes, including extrajudicial;
  • Preparation of claims and negotiations with the defendant (debtor);
  • Preparation of a statement of claim and selection of necessary documents for conducting the case in court;
  • Full legal support of the case at pre-trial stage and in court;
  • Representation of clients in court at all levels of management, corporate and other disputes arise from implementation of business activities;
  • Full legal support of executive manufacture

Our lawyers in Vilnius, Lithuania have a wide range of experience representing client's interests in civil, criminal and administrative cases of all instances of courts.

2. Consultation of clients in many areas of the law

Lawyers from law firm counsel clients in many areas of the law. We have made it a priority that our clients do not have to think where to find the right person to solve their problems - our clients know that the lawyers in Vilnius, Lithuania are always ready to help them.

Our attorneys/lawyers consult in the following areas:


3. Preparing of contracts and other legal documents

Most of judicial disputes are in one way or another to do with contractual relationships. Therefore it is imperative to have contracts prepared so that the rights and responsibilities of the parties are defined with appropriate clarity and all applicable legal acts are considered. To reach an optimal solution and also to avoid possible legal disputes in the future, it is necessary to attain the services of a lawyer when preparing contracts or other legal documents.
Lawyers from law firm has extensive experience in preparing all kinds of juridical documentation, ranging from simple petitions to governmental agencies to complicated contracts.