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Competition Law

These days business is closely related to competition law. The competition law practice includes protection of the freedom fair competition. After Lithuania’s accession to the EU, EU legislation regulating competition and imposing prohibition of restrictive practice is directly applied in Lithuania.

Our lawyers in Vilnius, Lithuania provide the following competition law services:

  •      provide consulting regarding compliance of transactions with the rules of competition law;
  •      provide extensive legal advise and services in the field of EU and national competition law;
  •      provide legal assistance in protection of rights of undertakings to a fair competition;
  •      provide consulting on agreements restricting competition as well as concerted practice and block exemptions, possible abuse of dominant position, unfair competition, misleading and comparative advertising;
  •      provide counsel regarding concentration and prepare of notifications of concentration;
  •      provide legal advise on mergers and market concentration issues;
  •      represent client interests with regard to restrictive practice at the Competition Council and the European Commission;
  •      prepare claims and, in case of breach of the competition law, represent clients in courts, the Competition Council and the European Commission;
  •      provide consulting services regarding state aid and its legitimacy.

Our lawyers successfully represent the largest companies in the Competition Council and courts, consult our clients on issues related to EU and national competition law.

Our lawyers have represented client interests in investigations of the Competition Council on possible abuse of dominant position and in providing the Competition Council with a written commitment; our lawyers also represent our clients in courts on issues related to investigations and implementation of commitments.

Our lawyers use their experience successfully while representing the clients in the Competition Council and courts on issues related to misleading advertising, prohibited agreements and other issues of competition law.

Our lawyers also prepare various manuals and documentation related to competition rules and regulations.


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